Pinky Beauty Parlour



PINKY BEAUTY PARLOUR: This film depicts the touching story of two sisters, Pinky and Bulbul, who run a beauty parlor in the by-lanes of Banaras, the holiest of cities in India. Drawn in by a murder mystery, we enter the unique colorful world of the beauty parlor and find a complex and engaging story of inter-mingled loyalties and insecurities.

Film Description

Pinky Beauty Parlour

127 mins || Hindi || India || 2017

This film highlights the predominant social stigma that has taken deep root in the form of an obsession with fair skin, especially with regards to women in India. Pinky Beauty Parlour is an engaging and poignant tale of the repercussions this obsession with fairer skin has on the human mind, families, and society in general. The film takes us on a touching journey of two sisters’ lives, Pinky and Bulbul, who run a beauty parlor in one of the by-lanes of Varanasi, the holiest of cities in India. The story starts one morning as a dead body is found in the beauty parlor. Police Inspector Jata Shankar and the somewhat slow Constable Sami Akhtar pursue the investigation in their own quirky ways. As the film progresses, we peek into Pinky and Bulbul’s lives and come across a retinue of interesting, unique characters, any one of whom could have been responsible for this shocking death. We enter the colorful world of the beauty parlor, and are drawn into a complex and engaging story of inter-mingled loyalties and insecurities that leaves a timely message for the audience to take home and chew on.

Director's Bio

Akshay Singh is an actor, writer, director and producer. He makes his directorial debut with Pinky Beauty Parlour, which has been screened in more than 15 international film festivals so far and has been equally appreciated by the critics and the viewers. Akshay began his career writing and acting in theatre plays. He then went on to perform in television shows and Hindi feature films like Vikalp, Baat Bann Gayi, and Ghayal. Baat Bann Gayi was the first feature film for which Akshay wrote the screenplay and dialogue. He believes in telling thought-provoking stories with an entertaining narrative. He is the founder of his production company, Akshikha Entertainment. Pinky Beauty Parlour is the first film Akshikha Entertainment’s first film.

Press & Awards

Rajasthan International Film Festival-Jaipur,
India (January 2017)
Viewer’s Choice Award, Best Director

International Film Festival of Thrissur, India
(February 2017)
Jury Award for Cinematic Eexcellence