Just a Cup of Tea | Jasoosni | Zahida

October 6 || 5:30 PM || Northwest Film Forum

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Just a Cup of Tea: Tea is that one thing everyone loves to have, but can it be so special for someone that he can wait for just that special cup for years?

Jasoosni: A look at the lives and loves of women private detectives in India.

Zahida: A window into the life of the first female taxi driver in Pakistan. Zahida is a fascinating insight into the personal and professional trials undertaken by a unique woman in Pakistan.

Film Descriptions

Just a Cup of Tea

15 mins || Urdu || Pakistan || 2018

Tea is that one thing everyone loves to have, but can it be so special for someone that he can wait for just that special cup for years? This is the narrative journey of Ghulam Raees (Rashid Farooqi), who takes us back in time to when he used to work at the tea store of Ahmedeen (Qazi Wajid) and they both used to enjoy tea together. “Who made that special tea? Why was it so special to both the characters?” is the story that unfolds with beautiful visuals and engaging music of Bas Ek Piyali Chai.

Muhammad Belaal Imran

Director’s Bio: Born in 1990, Muhammad Belaal Imran is a graduate of film studies from Iqra University Karachi. Completing his studies in 2017 and making his mark in the industry came side by side with the award-winning travel film Arz-e-Pakistan, which brought him credit as a cinematographer on an international level. Having a dream to shoot and produce content for a family-oriented audience inspired him to write his own projects, including Nanu or Main (Grandfather and Me) and Bas Ek Piyali Chai (Just a Cup of Tea).

Jasoosni Still 1

52 mins || Language || India || 2017

Extra marital affairs. Missing persons. Corporate espionage. A newbie in her twenties, two mid-career entrepreneurs who don disguises and conduct stings, a freelancer who isn’t shy of using sex, a corporate honcho whose phone never stops ringing, along with a retiree who battled prejudice to become India’s first known woman detective. .  . Jasoosni is an intimate reflection on women in the business of intelligence.

Director's Bio

Anandana Kapur is a filmmaker and co-founder of CINEMAD, India. Her films have received critical acclaim globally and are a part of courses on Gender Justice, Social Development and Innovation. Anandana teaches Documentary Practice and Researching Media and Culture and writes on cinema and popular culture. She is a recipient of the Fulbright-Nehru and Shastri India Canadian Institute Fellowships for her work on interactive documentary practice.


29 mins || Language || Pakistan || 2018

Zahida Kazmi is the first female taxidriver in Pakistan and a local legend. Independent, feisty and street-wise, she is a master hustler. Twice a widower and 56 years old, she is fighting to make a living on the dusty roads of Rawalpindi. Also a mother to 7 year old Zara, she is continually juggles her home life with behind the wheel. Reciting beautiful poetry in quiet nostalgic moments off the road, Zahida reflects on her fate. Zahida is a fascinating insight into the trials faced by a determined woman carving her own path within a patriarchal society.

Director's Bio

Seemab Gul is an independent filmmaker with a BA in Fine Art and an MA in Filmmaking from the prestigious London Film School. Her work has been supported by Channel 4, CBA WorldView, Al Jazeera and Arts Council England. She field produced a documentary ‘The Kingdom of Mr.Edhi’ that won the Silver Award at Biarritz FIPA.

She was a camera operator for the Oscar-nominated Italian director on a documentary called ‘Qualcosa di noi’. Seemab’s works have premiered in HotDocs, SXSW, Sheffield Doc Fest, Geneva Contemporary Art Centre and many international festivals and galleries. Seemab’s portfolio includes documentaries, drama, hybrid films and art installations.