Insha’allah Democracy | Loug The People

OCTOBER 3 || 7PM || THOMSON HALL, ROOM 101, University of Washington, Seattle 

Film Descriptions

Loug - The People

8 mins || Punjabi || Pakistan || 2017

An old couple is mysteriously held in a police station of their town in Pakistan. Their crime is unknown, and their insult is extreme. What have they done?

Zafeer Butt
Director's Bio

Zafeer Butt is a visual artist who love to tell Human Stories.

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Insha'Allah Democracy

1 hour 21 mins || English, Urdu || Pakistan, UK, UAE, US || 2017

Filmmaker Mo Naqvi will vote for the first time during Pakistan’s elections. His priority is backing a candidate who will prevent Pakistan from becoming a terrorist state. But Mo has a tough choice – either vote for religious hardliners or for secular liberal leader General Musharraf, a former military dictator. Insha’Allah Democracy chronicles one voter’s journey: to see if democracy is compatible with an unstable Muslim country.

Headshot 2007Eric_van_Brulle_Mohammed_Naqvi_B
Director's Bio

Mohammed Naqvi’s previous films include special Independent Spirit Award Nominee Among The Believers, Emmy-winner Shame (Showtime), Pakistan’s Hidden Shame (Channel 4), Shabeena’s Quest (Al-Jazeera), Terror’s Children (Discovery), and Big River (Office Kitano). He recently produced for Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Films documentary series Belief and PBS’s Sacred.